Dental offices Gdynia

Take care of a healthy smile

Dental offices Gdynia

Take care of a healthy smile

Dental Office Gdynia-Obłuże

Office hours:
mon – fri: 9:00 – 19:00
ul. Unruga 54
81-181 Gdynia
Tel. 58 625 00 22

Dental Office Gdynia-Centrum

Office hours:
mon – fri: 10:00 – 18:00
ul. Śląska 12/3
81-319 Gdynia
Tel. 58 623 00 22

Our modern dental offices invite you for a visit.

I am a Gdynian and a dentist with over twenty years of experience, a specialist in dental prosthetics. Together with a team of doctors and dental hygienists, we provide our patients with professional and caring dental care. In a friendly, almost family atmosphere, we help to overcome the fear of the dentist and regain a beautiful smile.
Since 2003, we earned the trust of over 10,000 patients, of which I am very happy and extremely proud.

dentist Anna Kijowska-Drewla

We deal with:

Root Canal Treatment

Root canal treatment is undertaken when the tooth tissues have been destroyed by carious bacteria so
seriously that root canal treatment is necessary. Anesthesia helps to perform the procedure painlessly.
The procedure is based on cleaning and preparing the root canals for their filling with a biocompatible
substance. More…

Revision of a root canal treatment, the so called Re-endo

A revision of the root canal treatment is similar to the primary root canal treatment, but is more
complicated and requires a detailed diagnosis. Sometimes, a tooth requires this procedure that was
treated long ago when there were no modern instruments and devices. More…

The apicectomy

In the case of an apicectomy, first the tooth root tip must be exposed in order to then be removed together with the inflamed area around the root. The end of the root canal is closed with MTA cement (retrograde root filling). The procedure is performed under local anesthesia and with a surgical microscope. More…

Implant consultation

Thanks to the analysis of the possibilities and indications for implantation we are able to present to the
patient an initial treatment plan. This plan is based on a clinical examination as also on a
pantomographic or CBCT examination, which we perform in the X-ray laboratory in our office. More…


Implantation is a procedure performed under local anesthesia. You can make a temporary restoration to maintain aesthetics and function, or simply insert a ready-made implant. After about a week, we invite the patient to remove the sutures. More…

Implant crown

An implant crown is the most common denture on implants. Creating the crown is a multi-step process. Beginning with the impression taking, selection of the color, up to the production and insertion of the crown. We have two types of crowns: glued to the abutment or screwed to the implant. More…

Our team:


Our team:

Anna Kijowska-Drewla


Iga Rogowska


Joanna Biedunkiewicz


Magdalena Pytel


Marta Emerich


Piotr Drewla

Specialist in cardiology and internal diseases.

Dental assistants

Daria Ossowska

oral hygienist, manager

Anna Żmuda

dental assistant

Patrycja Rezmer-Peplińska

oral hygienist

Magdalena Popielarz

oral hygienist